Red Puzzle Keepsake Trinket Trick Box Maple Wood Opens in 9 Steps Check Videos

Do you need a special gift? Look no further! This red box is so unique, whoever you give it to, will be delighted that you were so thoughtful in finding such a great gift. You'll also really enjoygiving this box to someone and watch them try and work out how to open it.

These boxes are real puzzles and it takes 9 steps to get into it. From the outside, the box looks sturdy and solid and there is no clue as to how it can be opened. Such intrigue.

The box is made of maple wood and is carved with some beautiful details. This box is just one color for those who like things a little more simple. Although this is a very practical box, it is also a gorgeous ornament to have in your home. When you have guests, entertain them by letting them try to open it.

The lid of the box is hinged and the interior is yellow. There is also a removable compact mirror which is perfect for applying make-up. The design is unique and was designed by my grandfather.

The secret of how to open my jewelry boxes can be watched on video here:

6 x 4 x 3 inch (15 x 10 x 7.5 cm)

Kalotaszeg, Transylvania

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