Redhead XP-32 Bow made by HOYT for Bass Pro, RH, 70#

This is a Redhead XP-32 that is made by Hoyt/Reflex for Bass Pro Shops. The bow is in great shape and features all of the quality of the Hoyt bows for less money. You can adjust the draw length from 27 - 30 inches right on the Slam and a 1/2 Cams WITHOUT a bow press. The draw weight is fully adjustable from 60 - 70 pounds. The axle to axle length is 32" which makes it the perfect bow for the tree stand.

RedHead XP-32 Series Compound Bows

Advanced, 100% performance-driven compound bows for the serious bowhunter. If you're looking for solid gear that pushes the limits of technology and can handle tough terrain and weather, you'll find it in the XP Series bows. Built from the finest materials and custom machined to exacting specifications. The long, moderately reflexed riser and parallel Split Limbs? are solidly joined; the machined-aluminum pocket design ensures an extemely smooth, quiet shot. The full wood grip is precisely placed for comfort and accuracy; the advanced hybrid Slam & 1/2 System? works in precise symmetry, for perfect timing, straight nock travel and quiet release. Draw length adjustments are easy--no bow press required. The RedHead XP-32 Series bow has a longer riser and 32" axle-to-axle length. Features Alpha Shox? Vibration Dampening System. Advanced Navcom material eliminates excess vibration
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