Redline Aqua What-4 BP

Attention Hot Wheels collectors, don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to purchase a car or cars from the worlds most historically significant and prestigious hot wheels collection ever assembled. What we are offering up here today are cars from the world famous Mike Strauss Hot Wheels collection. Mike is the man behind the Tomarts price guide, licensed by Mattel and is the single most significant collector in the history of Hot Wheels diescast cars. The cars we are offering up here today and in the months to follow are the actual cars used to set the standard of the industry in the world of high end hot wheels redline collecting. These are the same cars that are featured in the pages of Tomarts price guide and in numerous other publications world wide. These are the only Hot Wheels cars cool enough to ever be put on public display in the world famous Peterson Automotive Museum and now you have a chance to acquire some of them for your very own collection. If you ever had the opportunity to view even a small part of this unparalleled collection at any one of the Hot Wheels collectors conventions or Hot Wheels collectors nationals on display in Mikes room and wondered, will I ever have a chance to buy this car or that one? Well now is your chance. Once they are gone, that's it. ALL ITEMS OFFERED WITH NO RESERVE!!!

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