REDNECK BEER 6 pack bottles with holder unopened

A full 6 pack of Redneck Premium Beer, "The Taste Of America". 12 fl oz bottles were Union Made. The Fischer Brewing Co., Winston-Salem, NC. Neck label reads: REDNECK: (Red'Nek'). Noun Used To Describe Good Ol' Boys N' Gals Who Love Cold Beer, Hot Romance, Fast Cars, Slow Dancin, BAR-B-Q, Long Kisses, Country Music, Pick-Up Trucks, Good Fishin, America, Mom, Apple Pie And Are Proud To Defend Any Of 'Em! One label has one spot between the R & E and one label has a slight crease through the D. Otherwise the rest are in great shape. Cardboard 6 pack holder shows bottom corners worn a little and the bottom showing some wear, inside a little dusty also. Slight wear on one front side near the large K. A great rare item.
The value of the auctioned item is in the collectible container not its contents. The bottles have not been opened, but any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.
This item is not available at any retail outlet and the bottles have a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the containers.
As the seller, I will take steps to ensure that the buyer of this collectible container is of lawfulage in the buyer and seller's jurisdiction [generally 21 years old] and that I am in compliance with any and all applicable laws and shipping regulations in carrying out
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