REDU-EN046 Yu-Gi-Oh YuGiOh Return of the Duelist Gear Gigant X Secret Rare Card

Brand New Booster Fresh 1st Edition REDU-EN046 Gear Gigant X Secret Rare Card.
Hello and welcome to Mr.Pokemon's shop. After years of collecting cards (by buying booster boxes) i have decided it might be time to start selling my 'duplicate' cards off. All of my cards have come straight out of booster packs and filed, therefore i can guarantee they are MINT or as close to MINT as you can possibly get. You'll notice my description of each card is a little generic, not just because all my cards are in fantastic condition but also because of the sheer number i have to list.
All cards are sent very securely and packaged how i would expect to receive cards if i was buying them myself.
I have a vast number of cards available right from the very first base set so if there are any cards you are looking for that you can't see listed please do not hesitate to ask me.