REDUCED Ibanex Gax 30, Upgraded Tuners, Locking Strap Pins

Only selling because I don't really use use it enough to justify keeping it

It's a lovely looking guitar and it all works. �

I have just re strung it but E string snapped as I was doing it so will need a new one.

Not long after getting it I replaced the original machine heads for some sealed Wilkinson ones. They are better but in the process of changing them it made a crack in the black coating on the headstock around the G string peg. This has never caused any issues at all and is literally only a surface wound and is shown in the photos. There are a few tiny holes on the back of the head where the old machine heads screwed in. �

I also fitted locking strap pins to it. �

Everything else on the guitar is completely standard. �

Also shown in photos is a small belt buckle mark on the back of the body. �

Any questions please ask.

Paypal only please. �