Reef Kings/Ocean Queens:Collect A Cypraea guttata GEM

Offering: A choice and connoisseur Cypraea guttata surinensis Gmelin ...formerly one of the world's rarest shells!

If you are a rare Cowrie collector I believe you will appreciate the opportunity to own one of the most magnificent species of Cypraea there is! With so many of these on eBay it is hard to imagine that guttata was still a rare shell in the late 60's when I began collecting. This specimen is truly special and certainly one of the best (if not the best) on eBay!

Specimen Highlights Include :

Cypraea guttata surinensis - Perfection; the photo images say it all

From: Balut Is. Philippines/

Size = 62mm

Condition: Sold to me as Gem by John Phillips (deceased) from his own personal cache while working for The Abbey Seashells

All specimens have been properly housed and stored away from direct light. Complete locality/data labels provided.

You are bidding on specimens from my personal collection and you will be pleased! Thanks for visiting my other auctions !