Reel Life Magazine - Jan 1915 - Florence Crawford RARE!

Extremely rare Reel Life Magazine Vol. 5 No. 16 from January 2, 1915 with Florence Crawford on the cover.
SPECIAL NOTE: This magazine is from a collection of some of the rarest and oldest movie magazines. Some of these magazines are in the best condition I have ever come across considering their age. I refuse to list these at $29.95, or whatever other exorbitant price others see fit to have as a minimum. I prefer to start at a low price, and let the market determine value. See my other auctions for more of these great magazines.
This magazine was the house organ of The Mutual Film Corporation. In the magazine are ads for the following motion picture companies: American Film, Reliance, Mutual Film Corp., Continental, Thanhauser, Kay Bee, and others.

Articles: "'Taking' a Scene Amid Picturesque Surroundings", "Stories of the New Photoplays" -profiles of twelve films including cast and synopsis that include "Check Number 130" (Princess) with Muriel Ostrich and Boyd Marshall, "The Lost Receipt" (Reliance) Eugene Pallette and Anna May Walthall, "An Inside Tip" (Thanhouser) Mignon Anderson and Morris Foster, "Love and Business" (Komic) with Tod Browning and Fay Tincher, "The Scourge of the Desert" (Bronco) William S. Hart.

Full Page Articles on the following movies: "The Scrub" (Ince) George Elliott, James McLoughlin,
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