Regal Jumping Spiderling - Phiddipus regius.

These are newly hatched, Regal Jumping Spiderling's. Very Rare in the U.K, as they are not a native species, and they retail at around £24.00 (inc VAT) as adult's. I bought Momma from a reputable, online shop in the U.K 'The Spider Shop', and she was already pregnant...
It was a happy surprise when she created her egg cocoon around Christmas! I'm overjoyed to see all of their cheeky, little faces....but realistically, I can't house all of them! They are known for their expressive and responsive attitudes towards us and their surroundings! (look for them on youtube!!) And, as adults do very well in a small, plastic 32oz tub (with air holes in top, sides, plus and a little mildly damp substrate in the bottom) at room temp. I only have a small radiator in here and they are happy! You can feed the babies flightless fruit flies (bought from a supplier I recommend on eBay) and the adults (at around 1 inch) can be fed crickets, also bought easily online!
They have a very docile temperament as they don't bite, or attack in anyway, although, they will run/jump away from hands and sudden movements! (They are jumping spiders..) but if you can gain their trust, they have been known to take food from peoples hands! Plus, they are just adorable! (perfect gift for an arachnophobic!)
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