REHupa #100 - Robert E. Howard United Press Association

ATTN: #100 is an enormous mailing, in keeping with its significant number. The 100th issue of REHupa has many sections and all sorts of extra booklets and such. One of the more collectible mailings.
This is a mailing of the Robert E. Howard United Press Association. For over thirty years members have been receiving and contributing to these mailings. Each one is filled with esoterica about Howard. For more information on why REHupa mailings are a necessity for any major Howard collection, go :
Each mailings exists in a run of around thirty-five copies or less, making them among the rarer Howard publications. This mailing is in very good condition, with the only physical flaws being occasional slight dog-eared edges from reading. On some mailings the occasional mailing number has been added in marker on the spine.
Many mailings also had what are called in a.p.a.-speak "franked items," (little extra booklets, one-sheet advertisements, pins, postcards, and the like that REHupa members sent out to the membership along with their 'zine as a little bonus). These mailings have all of the major franked items (booklets, et cetera) included, stuff I found useful, but many of the lesser franked items (pins, postcards, newspapers) were tossed out long ago. If you see some weird franked item listed on the Table of Contents
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