RARE Reichert Polyphos Zetopan microscope condenser ( like Leitz Heine )

Reichert Polyphos microscope condenser

This is the rare Polyphos which works in the same way as the famous Leitz Heine.

An annular light ring is adjustable via focusable ring on base so ring can be set to match a phase ring either normal Zernike or Anoptral, but can also be used for the powerful annular brightfield technique or d arkfield with suitable objectives.

The ring can perfectly match Zeiss Neofluar phase objectives on the Zetopan as have used them.

In seller's opinion this is even more effective than the Heine which have used, because the annular ring is thicker and less light hungry.

The Polyphos focussing ring is graduated allowing a given setting to be accurately reset. Judicious focussing of the condenser also allows some tweaking of lighting effect.

The Zetopan dovetail is 53.6 mm at widest point, optical axis 25mm from rear of dovetail, uncertain if it could retrofit to other maker's microscopes.

Excellent condition mechanically and optically.

UK post £6. Elsewhere £10.

Note that uncertain if Zetopan dovetail comes off, it does not readily as another possessed does. It may only suit Reichert models of this era with dovetail rather than circular fit.