Relic M'48 Colt Baby Dragoon 6" barrel found Corinth MS

Relic Colt Model 1848 Pocket Pistol 6" "Baby Dragoon" barrel with Wedge & Front sight found at Battlefield of Corinth, Mississippi

This nice little 6" Colt Baby Dragoon Barrel apparantly was dropped during reloading. Since the early M1848 Pocket pistols did not have loading levers, the cylinder pin was made convex to act as a plunger. To load, the barrel had to be removed, the cylinder loaded, the cylinder pin would be used to ram the cartridge then the barrel would be rejoined to the frame, the wedge locking it in place. Percussion caps would then be pinched onto the nipples & the revolver would be ready to fire five .31 caliber bullets, either round or conical

It was found north of the town of Corinth, Mississippi & apparently placed in a museum collection, witnessed by the "A-12" marking on the rear barrel lug. It was purchased in the mid 1970's in Corinth.

The wedge remains partially extracted & the barrel seems to be plugged by a cartridge, although it could be a mud dobber deposit, I never tried to clean it out. Deeply pitted with NO MARKINGS VISIBLE. A rarely found Civil War relic, only 15,000 Baby Dragoons were manufactured, less tha 5,000 had the long 6" barrel,

Again: If it COULD ONLY TALK, but it DOES WHISTLE "DIXIE" don't you think?