Rembrandt Bugatti bronze sculpture of Nubian Lion

This is a stunning bronze sculpture by Rembrandt Bugatti (Italian/French, 1884-1916), done in his later style, transitioning from Art Deco to Cubism. Please Bugatti's impressive rendering of the mighty lion captures the animal in all its majesty. Posted with all fours in perfect alignment, the animal stands with with a poise befitting the king of the jungle. Bugatti has paid careful attention to his modeling the perfectly groomed mane of the animal, which frames the creature's face in angular planes, and the well-defined musculature of his hindquarters. It is one of the finest examples of Bugatti's craft. Although he was grounded in realism perhaps more than any other avant-garde artist of his day, the angular modeling of the figure does call to mind the aesthetic of Cubism, which was in full bloom in Paris around the time that Bugatti sculptured this impressive animal. We have cast Nubian Lion in our own California art foundry using 28 lbs. (13 kg) of pure bronze. The sculpture is finished with a patina in tones of chocolate brown and amber that complements and highlight the dramatic surface texture of the artwork. Nubian Lion is mounted onto a black marble base, and stands 13" high by 17" wide by 7" deep (33 cm high by 43 cm wide by 18 cm deep). This sculpture is from an edition limited to just 100 castings, and each artwork is ... read more