Remco Military Vintage Airman John US4 American Defense Commando US Forces

Description: This approx. 3.75" (95-mm, 1:18 scale) action figure is in Very Good (VG, C6) or better condition. It has no worse than minor paint, metal, and plastic wear and/or discoloration. All joints are tight. Imprint and country of origin (COO), when possible to determine: (c) 1986 Remco China.

Grade & Condition: The stated grade and/or condition of any item(s) in this listing refers to the state of original manufacture and has been estimated conservatively based on a thorough inspection and/or research. Trivial details may have been omitted from this description, including common manufacturing defects such as cracking around one or more screws/rivets. Any questions regarding specific details may be addressed to the Seller.