Remington Full Sized Moose Customized-Red Jasper-Pearl

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This knife was a standard looking green bone handled knife with the bullet shield and that was about it as far as what to look at. We took those handles off and laid down Red Bloody Jasper in the center on the front side and inlaid that same Remington Bullet shield... We used nickel silver spacers in betweenall of the stones and shell work and The next step was the Excellsior grade Pearl from the Phillipine the black jett and then another wedge of the red bloody japser... The blades on this large Moose are hi-carbon stainless and if you supoer size these photos you can see for yourself thatthey are still virgin and have never been used or resharpend...They are a spay and a clip respectively... The knife measures 4 1/4"closed and has nickel silver equal ended bolsters and brass liners.. This is a one of a kind Remington made in the USA but if t is enough interest we might bring out some more but right now this one does have the distinction of being a one of a kind knife...

So it is at a starting bid of .99 cents with NO RESERVE on the end to slow it down and I do combine shipping on all of my auctions with 4 knives shipping for the same money as 1 if paid for at the same time... All of our custom pieces as well as our regular factory knives are backed up by
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