Remington Sculpture- Bronco Buster- Regular

For bidding is a recast of the "Bronco Buster" statue by famous sculptor Fredric Remington. These were found at auction, my savings are being passed on to you the lucky winner! Generally, pricing for similar pieces is near $750-$1000. If you have questions please ask, I have included a description of the sculpture below. Good luck and !
About the Sculpture. Artist: Frederic Remington. Sculpture Name: Bronco Buster Replicas are cast in the United States. Size: Regular: 22.5 H x 18 L. Weight: 50 lbs. Monumental Size Available. Please call for details. All weights and sizes are approximate not exact. All Remington Sculptures are mounted on a marble base with gold plated plaque with artist and statue name.
Frederic Remington is one of the most famous artists of all time. His bronze sculptures captured the American west better than any other artist of his generation.
Bronco Buster was Frederic Remington's first sculpture and like most of his work, depicts the life of the American cowboy. Frederic Remington captured this classic struggle between man and horse. Bronco Buster is one of the most recognized Remington Sculptures on the market today.
Remington Sculptures Bronco Buster
Each Remington Sculpture is museum quality and hand cast in high quality American bronze using the lost wax method. Each bronze sculpture
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