Remote Control Indoor Cessna 781 Airplane

Check it out on YouTube!! /watch?v=uANs4TBdXXc&feature=player_embedded#!
The description below is kinda lame! But it was easier to find it and paste it then make up my own. I have 9 of these left. They are great little planes!! for $20 and free shipping you can not go wrong.
DESCRIPTION We used to play with paper planes when we were young. They can fly like sliding in the sky. Now we are introducing you a newly presented plane, which flies as beautiful as a paper plane, but this time you can control it!!
It is a palm size aeroplane with Infra-red control. Materials? Made with very light and durable material--EPO. It hardly break even you bend it or crashed to obstacles. As it is so light, it can fly longer then normal indoor RC toys, that's because it takes less energy to support the plane body.
When you move the Throttle from 10% to 100%, the plane elevates with respective rate, you can make an excellent horizontal flight by just giving a lower throttle, or climb rapidly by switching the throttle to a higher level. No need to know too much about aerobatic theory and you can make a perfect aerobatic flight! It can bank left and right by spinning one of the 2 motors faster, simple but effective design!
The aeroplane is very durable, making it great for any players, even kids. It is made of EPO foam,
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