Renwal Miniature Family Dollhouse Patio Yard Furniture Ideal Pool Picnic Table

Here is a great vintage lot of miniature size dollhouse people, patio furniture and other great yard items. They are all not perfect, issues will be noted.

Renwal #41 Daughter, #42 Son, #43 Mother and # 44 Father, all show some paint loss and the fathers has fingers chewed on one hand.

Ideal- Green picnic Table- Nice

Ideal- Swimming pool, pond- Nice

Ideal- Adirondack lounge Chair- red arms- Nice

Ideal- Doghouse & Dog- chip on roof edge, dog shows paint loss

Plasco- Lounge Chair- white arms-Nice

Plasco- Fountain, Bird Bath- Nice

Plasco- Round 6 piece patio set- crack on table, umbrella pole missing

Plasco- Small Round accent table- Nice

Acme- Baby Swing, Bassinet, nice

Commonwealth Plastics- Lawn Mower, broken black thing

Unknown maker-Fence-Nice

Unknown maker- watering can looks a little large for this scale, and unknown mouse.

Please see all (12) photos for condition and content. Shipping is calculated at 2 pounds USPS Parcel Select to the USA .