Repaint Reroot ELLOWYNE DOLL Dressed Freckles OOAK

Repaint & Partial Reroot

Ellowyne Wilde Doll (Essential Brunette One)

Angelia is a beautiful repaint & partial re-root by the talented Doll Artist - Freddy Ramirez. (Ellowyne is signed by the artist on her 'tush')

Please view photos of this gorgeous - OOAK Ellowyne

Certificate included.

Ellowyne has been part of my adult collection.

Dressed as seen, no shoes will be included..


Doll in dress pictured, only.

I would gladly combine shipping.


Apparently in listing I scrolled over reg. Priority rate to flat rate envelope. Naturally Ellowyne can't travel in a flat rate Priority envelope :-)

I have tried to add the regular Priority shipping rate option to this auction. If you would like to contact me with your zip code or country location, I would be glad to confirm the shipping rate. It has been my experience in the US for Ellowyne to ship from around $7-$10 depending on location.Thank You.

This question was asked and I responded for it to be included on the listing for all to see. It's not showing up so I'm adding it for all to read/see.
Question: She looks like in one of the pictures she has a red stain on her wrist does she have a stain
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