Repeater Compass ARMA Corporation U.S. Navy Gyro Equipment Bureau of Ships


U.S. Navy - Bureau of Ships

Gyro Compass Equip No. 83379-80

Made by the ARMA Corporation, Brooklyn, NY

This item came from a friend whose father was a Navy man in WWII but I am unsure of the period this item was used. At first I thought World War II but I am not sure. The compass dial is in nice condition with easy to read dial lettering and the Navy seal. There is no broken or cracked glass. The compass dial does rotate and is not stuck. There was a paper with it where someone wrote "120V AC." I did not try to open up the bottom or top of the housing but it appears to be complete in original condition. The metal housing is heavy duty and in good shape other than some light scratches.

I think you can read all the tag information in the photos, but if you have any questions feel free to write.

Thanks for looking!

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