Replacement Sega Outrun Gear Kit A & B

Aftermarket Sega Outrun Gear Kit includes gears A & B, lightened stainless steel springs and allen wrench. The gears are made using additive manufacturing (3D Printing) from ABS plastic and re-enforced with steel where needed. Gears were tested (greased, using included springs) to 60,000 turns with little to no visible wear. YouTube video of test setup. Outrun Gear replacement video. Outrun Testing Stats
Installation Tips: Tighten all large gear set screws securely. Apply included Biobased Grease to the B-gear (steering shaft gear) where-ever it meshes with the A-gear. Use the springs included. Apply a dab of grease where the spring ends connect. We use Ultra Lube 10308 Non-toxic White Lithium Biobased Grease (any plastic safe grease OK.)