Replica Jason Hockey Mask That YOU Design!

PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING VERY CAREFULLY!! before you is the hockey mask replica of your dreams. How do I know this? Because YOU will be the one to design it! The winner of this auction will send full details to me on which mask design they would like me to custom build just for them...! All film-style mask designs are available. NO extra charges for ANYTHING. Red markings, blue markings, snaps, rivets, leather straps, whatever YOU want...! No 30-dollar straps , kids...! The mask of YOUR choice and design at an unbeatable price. Know now that HAND MADE HORRORS is the FIRST and ONLY mask maker to offer this. Each mask produced is a hand-made, individual work of unique art. Assuring you of a one-of-a-kind piece of the mask-maker's craft. Masks are vacformed from sturdy, high-impact 1/8" styrene plastic and all detailing will be hand finished. Note,these finished masks are NOT part of this auction. These are past examples of customer requests. I price my masks fairly and stand by my work. I'll put my hocks up against any others available at any price. Check my feedback. My previous customers attest to what I can do. CONCERNING MASK DELIVERY DATES: Unfortunately, timing, manufacturing process and length of auction means that these masks will be NOT be available in time for Halloween. I have just been laid off from work and need ... read more