- Replica Deluxe Apollo Spacesuit. Perfect for display or to wear.
-Includes spacesuit, backpack, chest pack, boots, gloves, snoopy cap and helmet with smoke tinted visor. If you prefer, the helmet can be fitted with a clear visor instead of a tinted visor.
-The visor is fully retractable.
-A clear visor can be fitted on the helmet in place of the tinted if desired.
-Our helmet is a realistic and detailed Apollo helmet and NOT a generic helmet.
-Our spacesuit is detailed with with suit pockets (see photos) for a realistic presentation. An O ring assembly connects the suit fittings with the hose fittings (all hose fittings on this suit are hard cast resin) allowing for firm yet removable connection.
-Suit comes with a red hard cast resin neck ring with a static latch assembly.
-We are the manufacturer of these suits and therefore can customize them to your specifications for an additional fee.
-Available in all sizes. Simply send us your height and we will fabricate the suit to fit. Suits are custom made so please allow 4 weeks for shipment after purchase.
-Compare our detailed suit to other similarly priced suits and see the difference. Take advantage of our "direct to you" prices.
-We can place any mission patch on the suit from Apollo 11 through Apollo 17.
Our suit: -Realistic LEVA helmet.
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