~REPLICA~ ~1852 Civil War Sharps Pistol~

Own a part of our American history

I am starting this auction at a slightly higher starting bid because this REALLY is a rare replica pistol. This is a replica firearm for the professional collector. Researching this Sharps pistols history provided me with much insite. Christian Sharps patented his rifle in 1848. The Sharps rife manufacturing co. was organized in 1851. He produced this pistol in 1852 and only 500 small frame .31 cal. were made between 1855 and 1856. A larger frame in .36 cal. approximately 350 were made between 1857 and 1858. This interesting pistol was the predecessor of the famous 1859 Sharps rifle. They used the pistol action they had on hand at the Philadelphia factory. This was a time when different self-contained cartridges were being experimented with and this unusual rifle came into existance because of this pistols action.

This piece will stand out in any collection. Not only were t a few of the real pistols made but try to find this replica anyw The overall length of this pistol is 13". Has working hammer, trigger, and lever. The dark wood grips are in perfect condition. This replica sold as is will have many lookers enthused.

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