Replica Walther P-38 Pistol Prop Gun WWII P 38 + Dagger

One Replica Walther P-38 Semi-Auto Pistol.

This Pistol is an 8mmblnk version of the Walther P-38. Used in many motion pictures and the standard issue sidearm of the German Military from 1938 (Replacing the Luger) until the end of the War. This gun has an 8 round mag capacity, and extra mags are available. A replica P-38 Holster is also available. The action on this gun works as it should and the ammo cycles flawessly through the magazine and the action. This is a very nice looking pistol, and is of course both new and full size/full weight. Excellent for the WWII Re-enactor. As with all of my auctions on Ebay, this gun is another one of my Personal Favourites, and is offered at an excellent price.

Included with this Auction is a replica, full size of course, WWII era SS Officers Dagger. The blade is enscribed Alles Fur Deutchland, and the blade is RZM marked and dated 1937. This is an excellent all metal replica of the famous SS Dress Dagger. The Scabbard (Included) is all metal and finished in an epoxy enamel, as the original. This is an excellent combo offer, and this knife is a 35.00 value. This is a limited time offer on this package.

I will be happy to answer any questions regarding this auction, any of my other auctions or other models of replica firearms. The Free items included are (In addition
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