ORIGINAL WWII Official US ARMY publication on the LEYTE OPERATION from 20 October 1944 to 25 December 1944. THIS PUBLICATION IS NOT A REPRINT. W hen published, this report was classified as SECRET, later(28 November 1945) it was declassified to RESTRICTED. Soft cover, 14" x 11" format, with 282 pages of everything you wanted to know about the Leyte Operation. Sections on planning, preliminaries to the operation, orders and directives, and detailed reports from the staff sections. Charts, maps(3 fold-out), original surrender leaflets(2) printed in Japanese(with their translations) are in this book. Amount of radio traffic, ordnance reports, casualties are just some of the immense amount of information in this book. If you are a student of the PACIFIC campaigns or a WWII historian/collector, this is one book you should not miss out on. Looking at the pictures of this item, one can see the original SECRET printed on the cover, and later when declassified, a paper RESTRICTED lable was glued over the SECRET. Not much is left of the paper RESTRICTED lable on the cover, but inside is a note glued to the 3rd page which shows the date of declassification. Also included is a type written letter, signed by JOHN B. COOLEY, Colonel. A.D.G, Adjutant General, which lists servicemen that have permission to have a copy of this book in their possesion. ... read more