Brand-new reproduction of the U.S. Army War of 1812 knapsack, never used. A good copy but not an exact “museum quality” replica. Features include correct sky blue painted canvas flap with white circle and red “U.S.,” brown leather straps, wooden “torpedo” strap attachments, interior “pocket” with canvas divider and leather closing strap and buckle, opening on underside of flap, etc. There are some shortcomings, including the fact that a couple of areas do not have paint (each about the size of a pencil eraser), the “U.S.” was painted off center, and the buckles are modern plates ones. A good “starter” knapsack for a recruit who cannot afford a museum-quality replica (one company now wants more than $300 for their reproduction, for example), or for use on a mannequin or display. Domestic (US) shipping only . Buyer pays actual shipping. I will gladly answer any questions. Thanks for looking!