Reproduction WWI German 1915 canteen Ersatz pattern strap replacement, leather

This is a reproduction of a model 1915 pattern later war Ersatz canteen strap. This pattern used a minimal amount of leather and attached using a black painted metal button on the back of the canteen cover and a neck strap that went under the arrow shaped neck to hold the weight of the canteen. I needed a replacement for an original in my collection and made extras after making a pattern off my original dryed out broken leather parts. Buckle is a vintage part that is the correct size. The clip is as close as I can find to the originals. The leather is natural color and can be darkened, as is usually seen on originals due to use and age, by oiling it. Let me know if you need the black painted 2-part metal button, as I also have a supply of these and can include when I ship the package.

The original 1915 canteens can be found, but the straps are often missing or to far gone to use.

I can also make to order repros of the M1907 canteen strap replacements.

If you have any questions please e-mail me.

Items sent either by first class mail or parcel post. I only ship to the USA