No reserve Tim Eberhardt art pottery special 16" "Jewel"vase WOW!

This monster 10#, 16" tall, high fired, porcelain vase is my latest art pottery effort. It is unlike anything I have made in the past and personally, I prefer it over the standard art pots. I have made 12 or so and am making another 25. The pots are made and I just have to glaze 'em! This pot has my white jade glaze that is thick and luscious and it covered with jewels melted into the glaze. This is a new, laborious and time consuming process. I think this pot is extraordinarily beautiful and it deserves to stand alone from other art pots- even mine. I am offering it at no reserve just to fine out what you think about these pots. It is rare when I sell what I think is the best of a given design. This is one of those situations, I need money and I want to find out what this pot is worth. (I value this so highly, I am nauseated by altitude.) Check out the other no reserve listings in the photo. !