resin fancy goldfish koi fish statue pond sculpture set

Two resin fancy goldfish sculptures

Resin orandas with the most amazing tails I've ever seen! I wish t were real ones like them! These unpainted resin sculptures are such neat things, I've taken quite a few pictures. The only thing wrong with these is that one of them has a tip broken off of his tail. I took a close up of it. I have to believe that someone with a bit of artistic or crafty flair could find a filler to fix it. I was going to paint these but just haven't found the time!

They'd be pretty decorations to add near a koi pond or... hmm... I wonder if you could paint them and sink them in a decorative pond? That might be kind of pretty and be WAY less of a pain to keep than real ones. ;-) I've sunk unpainted resin statues in my tanks for decorations, and resin seems to be OK with fish. (Not sure about a fish safe paint though.)

I've had some fish keeping friends who have painted sculptures like this to match real fish that they kept! It's a cute idea for a gift too.

The fish with the bigger tail (left) with the chip in it is about 9 1/2" long at it's longest point, and 7" wide. The other fish is about 1/2" shorter.


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