Resin Horn Carving Chinese Dragon 17" Sculpture Netsuke

Resin Horn Carving Chinese Dragon 17" Sculpture Netsuke

Just admire the craftsmanship!

Up for auction we have a fine example of Chinese Sculpture. This carving is among the most detailed sculptures you might encounter. The artwork is meticulously crafted. We are not certain of its age.

This sculpture is just over 16.5" tall has a base standing 1.5" tall by 5" in width. Most likely made of resin, this piece is designed to resemble the traditional carved horns or tusks. It is not real tusk, as the 'seam' from the casting is visible near the point. The artwork is not part of the casting, but has been cut from the whole by a skilled artist.

Interestingly, t are multiple cultures represented in the carving. Near the top of the sculpture, a classic eastern dragon flies. But the very bottom of the 'horn' shows a mounted warrior defeating another dragon, one of a more western design (with the great wings and birdlike body). That part of the scene is similar to the artwork on St. George medallions or similar depictions. Still, it could represent a Chinese nationalist message, showing the oriental dragon flourishing while the dragon of European style is killed. Anything is possible... but the artwork is lovely nonetheless!

This work of art deserves to be on display. Don't hesitate to bid!

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