Resistance Power Bands - Chest Legs 8PCS Set for P90X

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POWER BANDS - CHEST & LEGS Power Resistance Bands Set. 8 PCS


YOU ARE BUYING TOP-RATED QUALITY RESISTANCE BAND SET with: - 15 Days Risk Free Trial* - 90 Days Warranty* DESCRIPTION (To buy only the bar or bundle bar & band, please see our other listing) IDEAL HOME GYM & TOOL FOR MANY DIFFERENT EXTREME HOME FITNESS & EXERCISE PROGRAMS incl. all the famous ones. THIS SET INCLUDES - 4 RESISTANCE BANDS: Packing: Built-to-last carry bag, each bag contains: (1) 1 Black twin-band: Very Light (5 lbs resistance**) (2)1 Blue twin-band: Light resistance (10 lbs**) (3)1 Yellow twin-band: Medium resistance (15 lbs**) (4)1 Red twin-band: Heavy resistance (20 lbs**)

Each band consists of two twin tubes. These tubes are specially made by not only highest natural latex quality (see pic) but also has special safety features that protect you during your exercises. Also, with the three openings handle, you can hook up to 3 bands to get 45 lbs resistance per side. For more information about this band, read our detail information at the bottom. **: When you stretch the tube out at aprox. 2X of its original length, the elastic produce N lbs tension) Plus (5) 1 build-to-last Carrying Bag (6) 1 Door anchor (7) 2 of 3-opening handles : Strong, safe, free rotating foam
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