The Silent Woman 10" dinner plate by Corning. This nice collectible is in great condition with no chips, cracks or repair. However t are surface scratches from extensive use. The Silent woman was a restaurant in Waterville Maine and closed in the mid eighties after thirty years in the business. The restaurant logo of a headless woman is in the center of the plate, and it reads The Silent Woman Waterville in Maine. The back plate says Pyroceram tableware by Corning. Just a bit of trivia; this information appeared on the back of their menu: " A Silent Woman-how can that be? Patient Traveler, do not scoff: Drawn from the very life is she and mute, because her head is off. The name actually came from an old English pub, The custom of hanging a sign to attract trade goes back to the early Middle Ages, when only the scholars could read. The tailor displayed a sign with a pair of shears, the hosier, a stocking, the inn
or tavern, a jug or bottle. The hosts of some of the inns preferred more original signs, such as The Pig and Whistle, The Mermaid Tavern, The Red
Lion, The White Horse, The Bulls Head to name a few. The Silent Woman can be found, surprisingly, by a similar name in France, Great Britain, Belgium and Holland. In England, it is thought that the sign evolved as a satire on Henry the Eighth's method of divorce. Thomas

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