Restored PacMan Arcade Machine, Upgraded

Up for sale we have a completely restored PacMan arcade machine, This is a beautiful machine that works and plays great. The artwork on this machine is all brand new as well as new glass. This has a LCD flat screen monitor with a clear, crisp picture installed. This will eliminate any problems you could have had with the original old CRT monitors that originally came in the machines. Also installed in this machine is a brand new board, all new buttons and switches, and new wiring harness. This machine has been upgraded to play PacMan and also 59 other classic games that were popular during that era. This machine can be set on Free-Play or can be set to accept coins.

The games on this machine are:

1) Ms. PacMan

2) Galaga

3) Frogger

4) Donkey Kong

5) Donkey Kong Jr

6) Donkey Kong 3

7) Galaxian

8) Dig Dug

9) Crush Roller

10) Mr. Do

11) Space Invaders

12) PacMan

13) Galaga 3

14) Gyruss

15) Tank Battalion

16) 1942

17) Lady Bug

18) Burger Time

19) Mappy

20) Centipede

21) Millipede

22) Jr PacMan

23) Pengo

24) Phoenix

25) Time Pilot

26) Super Cobra

27) Hustler

28) Space Panic

29) Super Breakout

30) New Rally X

31) Arkanoid
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