Restored Uncle Sam Vintage Straight Razor ✿ Shave Ready ✿ HHT RA1

Country of origin Germany Blade Length 7 cm Blade Width 1.6 cm Tang length 2.2 cm Scale Length 13.5 cm About This Item:
This is a carefully restored Vintage Straight Razor with a high quality high carbon steel blade, of which has been professionally honed to a Shave-Ready edge , and has passed the Hair Hanging Test flawlessly (HHT) . The scales has been re-adjusted, which opens and closes smoothly. In short, this razor is a great shaver for years to come and it's unique on itself own way; please see photos for more details!

Special Notes : None

A straight razor is the best shaving tool, which will give you a very close smooth shave. Baby-like smoothly face will be the result after shaving with a properly honed straight razor, of which a shave that will last up to 24 hours. This razor has been tested with cutting a hair while hanging it in the air, a test that we called HHT in short. Passing this test guarantees a great close shave. The edge of this razor also has been carefully inspected with a laser and a microscope, of which a perfect edge has confirmed on it.
Restoring - Honing
This vintage straight razor has went through many different restoration steps: cleaning, buffering, polishing, disinfecting, protecting! and again went through many honing steps, namely 5 different honing stones with grit from
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