Retired Large Tom Clark Cairn Studios Gnome Belle Kringle 1983 Mr. & Mrs Santa &

This is a lot of 2 larger, retired, Tom Clark Gnomes. Imprinted signature on Santa 'T.Clark (c)1983 Santa 31' is what it looks to be? And, Mrs. Santa 'To Belle Kringle T.Clark 1983' This is for both. They have been displayed in a smoke free environment. Santa measures approximately 10 inches tall for size comparison and a little over 6 inches in bottom diameter. Pictures taken of all sides/angles. Please look at all 12 photos uploaded. I did notice a little bit of color wear on the top of Santa's hat. A picture was also taken of this. I haven't taken time to clean and they are dusty in places. I hope the pictures with the zoom-in option over them will speak for the condition and description. Thanks for your interest and looking :) The scale shows Santa weighing 4 pounds and 8.2 ounces. Mrs Santa is 4 pounds and 6.4 ounces. So, together they weigh almost 9 pounds. So, it will be a heavier package to ship. Several different shipping options available.