Retro 1950's ~ Magnavox ~ Phonograph ~ record player

Retro 1950's Magnavox Phonograph record player

A Retro 50's Magnavox Model TP262 B phonograph with detachable brass tipped wood legs,
for easy conversion to a tabletop model. 25-1/4" high on legs x 20" wide x 18-1/2" deep.
The player is 12-1/2" high without the wood legs and has 4 rubber mounted feet.
The wood looks to be mahogany finish (see photos) The top lid had faux leather covering but has been removed.
Everything on this vintage record player, the turntable, the indicator light on front,
the 3 speeds 33, 45 & 78, the record holder and the controls are in working condition.
The turntable rubber surface has cracks from age and the speed control knob has a repaired chip.
Comes with original paperwork including the 45 RPM record adapter for singles
and a Collard for stacking large numbers of 45 RPM's. Made in England.