Retro 50's-60's Folk Tramp Art Bottle Cap Man Figure

Very well made example of the Caribbean welcoming figure that we now refer to as Bottle Cap Figures.

The first known documentation of these things was in 1957 or 58, when instructions for making them was given in Pack 'O Fun magazine.

Junior Achievement made them in the late 50's early 60's: the high schooler would go door to door, leave one with you for a week and return a week later to see whether you'd keep it. The price was $5.00.

Charitable groups reportedly made them as well.

This one has a most unusual "hour glass" waist. The buttons are upholstery tacks. Made with a back brace and green felt scratch preventers on the bottom of the base. A great, unusual, clean example.

12 3/4" high.

Thanks for looking.