Retro 51 Sherpa Pen Holder for Sharpie Marker YOUR PICK


Express your individual s tyle with a Sherpa shell for your Sharpie marker or other compatible disposable pen

Product Details

The Sherpa Pen is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers including Sharpie, Pilot® pen, uni-ball pens and Accent highlighters. It comes in many different styles for you to enjoy. Each Sherpa is designed with an innovative cap to keep the color of your marker or pen bold and fresh every time.

Includes your choice of 1 Sherpa with coordinated color Sharpie marker Packaged in clear plastic case
1. View of each Sherpa 2. View of each Sherpa 3. Shown golf buddy as each Sherpa comes in its own gift box
4 Thur 10 are some that you can select from our store in order:
3. Candy stripes
4. Mr pin strip
5. Ole glory
6. Hearts a flutter
7. City lights
8. Camo
9. Back in Black

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Choose your unique design Sherpa and it will arrive with a coordinated color Sharpie marker.


- Polka Dots Comes With A Berry Sharpie Permanent Marker
- Quasar Comes
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