Retro '70s Stromberg-Carlson Rotary Dial Desk Phone

Here's an outstanding retro '70s rotary dial desk phone by Stromberg-Carlson, in the hard-to-find neon green color. The color is so vivid you'd almost think it's fluorescent. The condition is excellent, say 9.75 out of 10.00 if not better, including the cord. There are no scuffs or scratches, no dust or grime. The gloss is impressive, almost as-new. No fingernail scratches on the dial, and no corrosion on the finger stop. No problems with the rubber feet. The metal chassis does have slight oxidation. Model number SC-500D is stamped on the chassis, and so is the manufacture date (see pic). The microphone is actually stamped "12-74".

The clear plastic finger dial is tricky to remove so I've left it loose in case you have a number label that you want to install. The rotary mechanism turns smoothly.

This phone has no wall cord and is untested.

What else would you like to know? If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Seven-day return privilege for a hassle-free full refund (excluding return shipping; buyer shall be responsible for traceable return shipping).

$0.80 "handling fee" is for USPS Delivery Confirmation. If the winning bidder wishes to purchase USPS insurance, please DO NOT pay right away but instead CONTACT ME first and I'll send an invoice adjusted for insurance based on the final
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