Retro Chrome and Leather Hammock Chair And Footstool

Retro Leather And Chrome Hammock Chair And Footstool
Description: This is a stunningly beautiful and immaculate chrome and leather effect Hammock Chair possibly mid 60's, maybe a little later. Take a close look at the beautiful clean lines of this one off seat. This piece scream perfection and individuality from its quality chrome work straight through to the beautiful leather effect covering. I have seen many chrome and leather chairs but this is something really truly special. This is one of those very rare chairs which has the effect of making you fully relax the moment you sit in it, with its matching footstool this quality chair is ideal purely as a decorative piece or as the perfect chair to listen to music or read in.
The reason for buying a retro piece is to make a statement within your home and this chair will certainly accomplish that. If you want your chair to sit quietly then this isn't for you. The superb design of this chair screams 'Look at Me'. This is a true conversational piece and as well as looking great it is also a very useable piece of furniture in excellent condition and has the ability to make you smile everytime you look at it.
Bad Points : None, this chair and footstool are in perfect condition
Starting price: I have never seen a piece exactly like this before and considering the price
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