Retro/Eames Era SPACE AGE Portable PANASONIC T.V.

Welcome to our auctions! A PANASONIC T.V. the pictures say the rest. On Monday, November 13 th ebay ended all my listings with no prior warning. This was due to my stupidity, not knowing about the policies regarding fundraising...apologies to those who were watching/bidding on this item. Measures about 9" high, 11-1/2" wide and 10" deep. Yes, folks it works just fine. Lots of controls on each side; Brightness, Contrast, Volume, Tuning, Select (wheel), Earphone plug, a whole lot of markings on the bottom including "Model #TR005C". An original sticker is still on the back and it is even cable-ready! It comes with another antenna too, one of those round metal ones. We have left the cleaning up to the buyer, the white you see on the picture of the back is paint and scrapes off easily, t is dirt around the controls that will clean off with a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol....we just cleaned it off enough to do the listing. Shipping is $40 - $50 for Americans in the eastern States and more for those on the West Coast and of course Europe and the Orient, etc., please write for a quote if you need one. One of two cool T.V.s we have listed this week. The other is an early color television on a swivel base by TOSHIBA. Shipping rates are very comparable to those in the United States however due to delays at Security and Customs at the border

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