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This piece of ours was featured on page 132 of September's issue of Country Living magazine! (the pink version) For all of you Red Velvet Cake lovers!! This is a limited edition mixed media work of Art from Our 2005/2006 boutique collection sold to select stores/boutiques nationwide. Look for this piece in the September 2005 issue of Country Living magazine.

Collector's of our line are always astounded by how three dimensional our paintings look on the canvas.We achieve this by using multi layers and mixed media. All imagery is 100% handpainted by us. We then make our paintings into prints and layer them on top of each other and then decoupage them onto hand painted artist canvas. The next stage gives it Vintage appeal. We love the images in Vintage baking books from the 1930s-1950s. To replicate this look we sepia wash the artwork and give it an antique glaze. Another great detail is the outer edge of the image, which looks sort of frayed and worn. We do this by cutting it with a custom edged blade. But what really makes our pieces pop is the intricate hand glittering on highlighted areas, such as , the decorative piping, piped red buttercream rose, and the rim of the plate.

The background polka dots are in varying shades of vintage red, Behind the cake are a pastel pink glow, and drop shadow to really make it
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