Return of the HELLECASTERS CD -A Classic now Reissued *

Yep, this is the Hellecasters' first CD. It won Guitar Player Magazine's Album of the Year in 1993 and for good reason. Will Ray, John Jorgenson and Jerry Donahue SMOKE on this recording! Some consider this their best album ever.

14 songs of the most hair raising guitar playing you ever heard. This CD has it all - country, blues, jazz, rock...if you can't find something you like on this award winning CD, then someone needs to take your pulse! Includes some of their biggest hits like "Sweet Dreams", "Highlander Boogie", "King Arthur's Dream", "Orange Blossom Special" etc.

The guys use their signature model Fender Telecaster guitars, as well as G&L, Gibson, Martin, Harmony and Silvertone guitars.

This was out of print for a while, but is now being reissued by the Hellecasters on their own label Pharaoh Records. It is not a bootleg or import. Brand new and sealed.

For more information on Will Ray you can Google him.


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