Reuters Financial Glossary Second Edition,2009

Reuters Financial Glossary Second Edition (English-Chinese Chinese-English)


Product Details Author Huang Binyuan Publisher China Financial Publishing House ISBN 9787504949554 Published December,2009 Pages 458 Size 16K Edition 1st Format Paperback Language Chinese ,English Page material gelatine plate paper

Product Description : ----------------------------------------------- This is the Chinese language edition. It gives you the English term, its Chinese translation and definition in Chinese language. There is also a Chinese-English glossary. The original English edition is published by Pearson Education.
This comprehensive reference guide not only defines, but explains the mass of intimidating financial jargon that is an integral part of any business, finance or economy. This is a fully updated new edition of Reuters' comprehensive guide to financial terms, including explanations, illustrations, diagrams, tables and even equations and workings where necessary, to give the reader a thorough understanding and ready point of reference whenever they may need it. Having this book to hand will help to make any interaction with the worlds of business, economics and finance as painless as possible. Whether you are trading the markets for a living, a student, or just an interested bystander,
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