Rev David Caldwell, Revolutionary War, North Carolina Memoir

A Sketch of the Life and Character of the

Rev. David Caldwell, D. D.

Near Sixty Years Pastor of the Churches of Buffalo and Almance.


Two of His Sermons; Some Account of the Regulation, together with the Revolutionary Transactions and Incidents in which He was Concerned; and a very brief Notice of the Ecclesiastical and Moral Conditions of North-Carolina while in its Colonial Days. By the Rev. E. W. Caruthers, A. M.

Greensborough, N. C.: Printed by Swaim and Sherwood.� 1842. Leather, old cloth tape over the spine, 9 x 5 1/2, old ex historical society markings, 302 pages + index & errata sheet, complete, good condition. David Stewart Caldwell (1725-1824), Presbyterian Preacher and Teacher of Barton W. Stone.

At age 18, Barton W. Stone left home to attend Guilford Academy, Feb. 1, 1790, near Greensboro, North Carolina. The school was operated by David Caldwell, a Presbyterian preacher. Though a strong Calvinist, Caldwell's school was focused on the teaching of law. Stone wanted to attend for that purpose. However, within a short time Stone found something there that planted the seed of religious awakening in him. What he found there changed the course of America's Religious History.�

The history of the life of David Caldwell is very fascinating. He was the eldest son of Andrew

David Caldwell was identified with some of the most terrible events of the war of the Revolution. Gen. Cornwallis offered a £200 reward for his capture for speaking out against the Crown. His house was plundered, his library and furniture destroyed, and the most vigorous and insidious efforts were made to overtake and arrest him when he had fled for his life. The family survived by hiding in the smokehouse and eating dried peaches.� � He was a member of the convention that formed the Constitution of the State of North Carolina, in 1776, and took an active interest in the political concerns of the country, his opinion always carrying with it great weight. He continued to preach in his two churches till the year 1820. He preached often at Hawfields Presbyterian Church, east of Greensboro, where Barton W. Stone later was ordained as a Presbyterian Minister. He died August 28, 1824. - from . 8% sales tax for NY State orders.� 3.95 s/h for any U.S. address.� 3.95 f...

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