Rev. War Hessian 1734 Silver Button Found In Oswego Bay

" Found Under Water " Rev. War period 1734 silver coin made into a button and could be a Rev. War Hessian Button. If this is a Hessian button it had to be an officer's button because most Hessian buttons were plain. Also having the Lion with the sword on the front of this button could mean the fighting spirit of the Hessian soldier ?. This silver coin button was found back in the mid 1980's under water in Oswego Bay, New York. Size is just over 1 " in diameter and and is in very good co ndition. This button was bought at a local flea market in the Mid-Hudson Valley of New York many years ago. I asked the dealer if he had any information on this great coin button and all he would tell me was he know the person who found this button along with other Rev. War material under water, so he marked this button as Hessian. Does have some darker spots on the silver from being under water for so many years. It may also have been cleaned up after being found. ((( For the good people following the Radford Curdy Rev. War items this is NOT from his estate ))). More Rev. War, Civil War and other early buttons dug and non dug still have to be listed on E-Bay in the very near future. Please see " view seller's other items " as I will be more then happy to help with shipping cost when buying more then one item, and my special thanks to everyone

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