Revcore Classic BMX Bike

Classic Revcore BMX bike circa 1987. Serial number RVP0637, which I believe makes it a Revcore Pro Model. Used for a few summers when I was a kid, taken care of, and not raced or abused. Chrome is in excellent condition. Some scratches on the stickers, which are all original, but not too bad. Kept in a bag in a dry basement for the past 20 years. I bought the frame and forks together and then added all the other components. All parts are old and originally bought new within a few months of each other in 1987. All parts are guaranteed old & authentic. The boss three piece cranks were originally chrome but were pained red by me (not the best paint job). The paint can be easily stripped off if desired.

After pulling it out of the bag in the basement, I did not take it apart, clean it with harsh chemicals, or mess with it; I figure someone who knows what they are doing can do that. Would love to see someone fully restore it to its old school BMX glory!

Parts List:

Revcore Frame

Revcore Forks

Revcore Handlebars

Revcore Neck

Revcore Neck Pad

Uni Seat & Pro 14 Seat Post

DK Seat Clamp

Boss 3-Piece Cranks

Pro Neck USA 41 Tooth Chain Wheel