Revell G Germany PB4 Y-2 Privateer / Liberator RY-3/P4Y-2 model kit 1/72

Kit# 4292

After the great success of the B-24 Liberator, the US Navy needed a land-based four-engined combat aircraft with a long range. In 1943, after many modifications based on the B-24N, a specific navalised version was produced under the designation XPB4Y-2 Privateer. For this the fuselage was lengthened by 2.13 m to accommodate the proposed electronic and radar countermeasures equipment which can be seen in the bubble-shaped bulges on both sides of the fuselage. These enabled the sea area to be scanned laterally under the machine. In August 1944 the US Navy VPB-106 received the first 12 PB4Y-2 Privateers series-produced for use in the Pacific. The French navy received its first two P4Y-2S Privateers on 24th November 1950 for the wars in Indo-China, but they were only designed for use as bombers. The RAF received 27 of the transport version RY-3 which, however, were passed on to the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Revell model contains components for the 3 main versions of the Privateer, the PB4Y-2, RY-3 and P4Y-2 as well as movable gun turrets and crewmen figures.

- No. of parts 160
- Length 318 mm
- Wingspan 465 mm
- Skill Level 5
- Conversion parts for 3 versions included
- 2 pilot figures, 4 gunners
- Movable gun turrets
- Side MG mounts
- Movable propeller
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