Revell Inc [RMX] 1:72 Caribbean Pirate Ship Plastic Model Kit 85-0386 RMX850386

The galleon appeared on the early morning horizon, off the port, bearing down on us from out of the blood-red sunrise. At first, we mistook her for another merchant ship, traveling home from Jamaica or the Bahamas, heavy with cargo. But no, she was moving too fast. As she approached, she dropped her main sail to reveal the skull and crossbones. We went hard to starboard, full speed. praying she would not catch us..." and that was the last entry in the journal found floating. Once assembled on its included stand, it will be approximately 9" long, molded in sinister black and will include waterslide decals. Key Features High-quality plastic parts molded with the highest level of detail and accuracy. Complete deck detail including cannons, fife rails, bell and wheel A gallery rests at the end of the bowsprit and is equipped with realistic spritsail, mast and ratlines Highly detailed fore mast, main mast and mizzen mast with realistically molded ratlines Waterline hull consisting of 2 exquisitely scribed sides, and a beautifully detailed stern piece with "Jolly Roger" and skull with cross bones embossed Separately molded skull to attach to the bow Gangway, anchor and stern lamp Display stand and waterslide decals Illustrated assembly guide Specs Skill Level: 2 Scale: 1/72 Length: 8-1/2" (216mm) Width: 2-3/16" (56mm) Parts: 96 Requires ... read more